Sponsorship Opportunities

Event Sponsorship

Looking to host or sponsor an event at WMC? Want to make the most of your time at the premiere business conference for the tree care industry? Here’s your chance, with TCIA’s revamped sponsorship opportunities. Check it out:

  TCIA Event Sponsorship Exclusive Event Sponsorship
Which option fits your company’s goal?  I want to increase my branding and presence at WMC, but I want to enjoy my time without the headache of planning the event! I want to invite a small gathering for our most important potential customers, and I don’t mind putting in a little legwork to make it happen!
Who’s responsible for planning the event? TCIA TCIA & sponsoring company
Who is the event open and marketed to? All WMC attendees. A targeted list of attendees, determined by TCIA and sponsoring company 
Guaranteed opportunity each year at WMC? Yes, but event details vary depending on location*. It depends! (Due to varying event locations.)
Examples of events Welcome Reception, Beach Olympics, Sunset Cruise. Cocktail party,
Wine tasting,
Something creative you think of!

*Each event sponsorship is for one year only.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

WMC Coffee Station

Welcome all attendees to WMC by sponsoring coffee/tea each morning of WMC. Coffee/tea stations will be set up in the main lobby throughout the event. One sponsorship available.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Recognition on printed materials, signage and more

If you’re interested in any of the sponsorship opportunities at WMC, or have an idea of how you’d like to get more involved with the event, contact Amy Tetreault at atetreault@tcia.org, or call (800) 733-2622.

If you’re interested in getting involved with other events and experiences at TCIA, such as TCI EXPO or the TCIA Podcast, check out our website for more information check out our website for more information.

Event Sponsorship Disclaimers:

  • Conflict: TCIA respectfully asks that all events not conflict with official WMC events, including education and tours. 
  • Host Hotel Events: TCIA respectfully asks that we are advised (and approve) of any events taking place at the host hotel. As WMC grows in size and scale, we want to encourage networking and business, but also ensure that we are not diluting our own conference.
    • TCIA works with the host hotel to ensure staffing and support (based on scheduling) are up-to-par, so we can all deliver the highest level customer service. 
    • This does not include dinner, networking, cabana hands, etc. 
  • Off Property Events: TCIA respectfully asks that the VFT Auction event location remains exclusive for this annual fundraiser.