Support a Local School at WMC


For nearly ten years, TCIA has been running our annual “Give Back” campaign at Winter Management Conference in February. In case you’re unfamiliar, TCIA partners with a local school and encourages WMC attendees to bring much needed donations of school supplies such as markers, notebooks, and rulers for the students.

This year, TCIA has “adopted” the Escuela Primaria Urbana Federal Vicente Guerrero, an elementary school outside of Puerto Vallarta. This school, which teaches 453 students ages six to 12, is further from the tourist center downtown but features much higher needs than the smaller, closer schools. Escuela Primaria teaches students in two shifts – half of the students attend morning session and half attend afternoon sessions. The demand for education is great, but the school’s infrastructure is unable to accommodate everyone at once and suffers from a lack of resources. 

According to Diaz, the school is thrilled with the support from TCIA. Supplies desperately needed include notebooks, pens and backpacks (the school does not have art classes). Please consider packing a few office supplies in your suitcase before heading down to WMC. And if space is tight, please consider a financial donation. The school does not have access to clean, running water and Diaz is hopeful that a water system could be the next major project for his team. 

All donations will be collected at WMC registration on site. Questions can be directed to TCIA at or 603.314.5380. 

Pictured: TCIA’s Amy Tetreault and Naomi Girouard share some laughs with Principal Diaz and his son Milan Mateo (and their pup) during a recent site visit to Puerto Vallarta. 

WMC participants to support TCIA in “adopting” a local island school and providing them with much needed supplies. WMC attendees are encouraged to bring a few school supplies in their suitcases to donate to the Centro de Formación para Adultos. Gently-used supplies such as markers, notebooks, and rulers are perfect. Donations are accepted on-site at WMC in Puerto Rico.